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Letter of the month: Healing the effects of childhood abuse

Updated March 11, 2019 I have day and evening openings for online therapy by video conferencing via computer or smart phone, also for chat and email therapy. I now also have some afternoon availability in the office. For other options, see Psychotherapist colleagues--Beth

Contact information and how to make an appointment

Beth Mares Registered Psychotherapist

For a prompt response, email Beth's gmail, beth.toronto.

Doctors offices may fax 416-694-4180 or leave a message at 416-699-5515. Please speak slowly and clearly. The fax only works when the secretary is in.

Making an appointment

First look over the application form (or the fillable application form)to make sure that you are eligible for the service and comfortable with the arrangements. If you are filling in the form, please note that your form is an official medical record, so each person must fill out a separate form, even if coming as a couple.

Then e-mail Beth's gmail, beth.toronto, putting COUNSELLING in the subject line. If requesting an appointment, give enough information about the times and days you are usually available. Beth will tell you the current fees. (Mention it if you are First Nations, as you might be eligible for free therapy.) You do not need a referral.

Once a time has been arranged, fill out and send the application form(s) and an email cheque for the fee to Beth's gmail, beth.toronto. (You send an email cheque via your online banking on your bank's website.) Send them promptly to nail down the time slot.

For future sessions, payment needs to be made 48 hours ahead for office appointments and 24 hours ahead for online appointments.

Precautions when sending an email
Emails and phone messages are not secure. If you need to ask a question that involves sensitive personal information it should be sent in a password-protected attachment. To password-protect a Word document in Windows, go to file>info>protect document. OR get a free ProtonMail account and email Beth's protonmail address, beth.mares.

Technical details for video and instant messaging appointments

Monday to Thursday, 11:00 AM till 9:30 PM. Appointments are 50 minutes

Available on request. There is no additional charge for HST.


Toronto East Beaches office (Main Street South of Danforth)

Beth Mares Counselling
Main Street Medical Building,
403-294 Main Street, Toronto, ON M4C 4X5

(You may send mail to the Main Street address if there is no rush.)

Voice mailbox 416-699-5515


Rosedale office

Beth Mares Counselling
Rosedale Medical Building,
Suite 605, 600 Sherbourne St., Toronto M4X 1W4

(Please do not send mail to this address)

Voice mailbox 416-699-5515

Beth Mares RP
CRPO #003567
Clinical Member, Ontario Society of Psychotherapists, #175
Green Shield provider number 000534649
Health Canada provider number 003567