Dear Beth

Counselling for panic attacks

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I am generally a very happy person. Lately, I have been experiencing panic attacks. I think it is because there is something bothering me inside and so it is causing me extra stress and anxiety. I have been in this state before in my life but not regularly. I would like to know why it happens? How to avoid it and control it? I would like to determine what, if any, are the issues that are concerning me in my life....( I have some idea of what they are.)

So, honestly, are you familiar with such topics?? pls let me know. Thank you

Beth answers: Yes, I am very familiar with panic attacks and other anxiety disorders. I think you're right about the cause and what you need to do. A person such as yourself needs to learn a way to improve the internal communication so that you can tell what is bothering you before it gets to the panic attack level. Some people also need to learn about what to do with the news once they get it. Therapy can help with both these tasks.