An interracial couple and three psychotherapy clients whose online personal and relationship counselling have contributed to their happy smiles. They all live in Canada, but are diverse in age and ethnicity.

Counselling and therapy online or in East Toronto, Ontario

Online marriage counselling and psychotherapy by Beth Mares, Registered Psychotherapist via video, chat or email, using a platform designed for confidential medical information and compliant with Ontario and Canadian privacy legislation. Beth's Ontario licence enables her to provide online counselling anywhere in Ontario and in most of Canada.

Beth's main office is near Danforth, the Toronto Beaches, South Scarborough, the East side of North York, and East York, and not far from Markham.

Psychotherapy remotely by video or in the office

See Beth's approach and personal counselling. Beth helps with a wide range of issues, including the common ones like relationships, depression and anxiety. She also helps with dual disorders; intimacy disorder; ACoA issues; problems arising from a client's religious background; physical problems like insomnia, headaches and IBS that are aggravated by stress; lack of interest in sex; fetishes, erotic imagery or sexual thoughts that a person finds disturbing; compulsive sexual behaviour; and the concerns of mid life and maturity. She also provides free counselling for first nations clients.

Marriage counselling & relationship help (online or in Toronto)

Beth offers various types of relationship counselling to enhance intimacy and marital satisfaction, for both male/female and same-sex couples, including those in long distance relationships. Much of her work relates to improving communication and sexual satisfaction and to overcoming problems caused by deceit/lying and infidelity, including affairs, pornography addiction, and sex addiction. Another common topic is how to prevent adult children of alcoholics issues and other family of origin issues from damaging relationships. She also works with immigrant couples on challenges such as lack of a support system and understanding subtle differences in culture and/or religion, and with clash of cultures between individuals and their families or their in-laws--issues that can be especially challenging for same sex couples. Beth also offers support with divorce or a break-up, and secular marriage preparation and troubleshooting. See marriage counselling.

Some couples just need to enhance their skills in communication, problem-solving and negotiation. For those needing more in-depth help with intimacy, attachment or building trust, conjoint couple therapy (a combination of couple sessions and individual psychotherapy) is the usual method.

A frustrated couple getting help with communication problems at Beth Mares Counselling in the East Toronto Beaches. A busy married couple getting online sex therapy at their home in the Beaches, Toronto, Ontario A couple in northern Canada are getting relationship help remotely with an online marriage counsellor in Toronto.

Therapy for sexual problems in relationships

These include lack of or loss of interest in sex, sometimes referred to as low sexual desire or sexual anorexia, disruptions to a couple's sex life caused by circumstances, and infidelity in various forms. See sex therapy.

Help for sex addictions and sexual preoccupations

These include pornography addiction, excessive or ego-dystonic (guilt-inducing) use of internet or other pornography, unsafe sex, excessive or obsessive flirtation, obsessive masturbation, sexual activities that the person or family cannot afford, or addiction to strip bars, sexual massage parlours, or prostitutes. She also works with many different forms of relationship addiction—see love addiction. She uses acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) as well as other methods if required. See sex addiction help.

Online help for agoraphobia, shyness and other anxieties
These include other phobias, social anxiety, GAD, panic attacks, and constant worrying about health. Distance therapy is particularly useful for agoraphobia and shyness, as it removes the need for the client to go out and meet a new therapist. Working on these problems usually involves skill-building so that the client is prepared to ace the feared situation, gradual desensitization at the pace that is right for the him or her, finding and removing false beliefs that underpin the anxiety, relaxation training, and for some, dealing with past trauma or with relationships in which the dynamic is reinforcing nervousness or lack of confidence.

Distance counselling in Northern Ontario and across Canada

Northern Ontario woman does her personal counselling online in her back yard using her tablet.

Beth's online mental health service is now provided via Vsee, which complies with Ontario privacy standards for psychotherapy, unlike Skype. Common topics for internet therapy are relationships, including communication, intimacy, sex therapy, pornography addiction and other sex addictions; adult children of alcoholics issues; stress management, anxiety disorders, insomnia and depression; assertiveness training; parenting and family problems; coming out and other GLBTQ issues; and mental health information. See cybertherapy.

Some people in Northern Ontario and small towns througout Canada choose the privacy of videocounselling with an outsider even when there is a qualified psychotherapist in town; on-site counselling at home or at work is also useful for people who find it difficult or inconvenient to attend a clinic. See also counselling in the Kawarthas--Fenelon Falls, Lindsay, & Minden, Ontario.


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