Counselling for natives, online or in Toronto, Ontario

Free psychotherapy services for status natives in English Canada.

Toronto, Ontario registered psychotherapist Beth Mares

Beth helps with enhancing relationships, unrewarding relationship patterns, parenting, coping with bereavement or divorce, work problems, assertiveness, stress, "sex addiction" and other sexual problems, adult children of alcoholics issues and other childhood trauma, growing up with a disempowering religion, drinking problems, coming out issues, depression, insomnia, anxiety disorders, obsession and most other common therapy issues. For issues and occupations Beth does not work with, see her application form.

Beth is a registered psychotherapist, licensed in Ontario. She has practiced in Toronto for the past thirty years, and has practiced distance therapy across English Canada for the past twenty years. See Beth's approach and bio.

For more about remote therapy by video or instant messaging, see online therapy. In Beth's experience, for most people individual counselling works just as well online as in the office, and works better for a busy person if getting to the office would be an added stress.