Psychotherapy and support for Canadian seniors

Toronto, Ontario registered psychotherapist Beth Mares

Beth Mares RP, 2002

Longtime therapist Beth Mares helps older people to navigate challenges of ageing and enjoy their senior years. Ontario licence, covered by most plans across Canada.

Counselling in your own home

Via internet
: All you have to do is click on a link. If you belong to the pre-internet generation, have a younger person make sure that your computer is set up appropriately before the first session.
By telephone You can put it on speakerphone to free your hands.

What Beth says about her work:

Psychotherapy is different for everyone, especially in later life. When working with older adults I feel that my breadth of experience is being put to good use.

Here are some of the things I help with:

Family relationships Relationships have been a focus of my work for many years. If you find that you now have more time and energy to enhance your relationship, friendships or family relationships but are unsure how to do it, I can help. Also if you have found that difficulties have arisen due to changing roles and circumstances, such as sharing a limited space 24/7, adjusting to a chronic health condition, or needing help from a son or daughter.

Transitions and grief One thing that most elderly people have in common is dealing with change, and change typically involves loss, even when the end result is good. Grieving without support does not work well. The warmth and companionship of family or friends can go a long way, but many people are reluctant to fully express their pain for fear of bringing their loved ones down. The support of a therapist can make the difference between grieving well so one can open to future joys, versus getting lost in the blahs or even clinical depression. See also mature adults--help with transitions.

Getting practical We all know that healthy ageing requires connection, engagement, intellectual stimulation, exercise and a healthy diet. But making it happen can be a major challenge. I can help you to figure it out. Also, if you find that you need or want to be more assertive than in the past, I can teach you how.

Therapy for Insomnia Good sleep makes everything better. Unfortunately the substances taken to improve sleep don't work for most people, and regular use of commonly used "sleeping pills" (benzodiazepines) makes the insomnia worse, causes anxiety, and creates a physical addiction. Therapy can help, though. I use CBTi, the principles of "sleep hygiene", stress management, and other psychotherapy methods as needed. I can also help people addicted to benzodiazepines to work their way off them in co-operation with the family doctor.

Habit problems and mental health issues Loneliness and malaise can cause alcohol dependency, emotional eating, a tendency to obsess, depression, poor sleep or an anxiety disorder. I help older people to deal with frustration and other strong emotions, resolve problems, and build a satisfying lifestyle.

Psychotherapy with mild cognitive impairment MCI won't prevent you from benefiting from therapy. In fact reducing insomnia, depression or anxiety can improve intellectual functioning.

Can I help you with any of the above? If you have a different issue and are unsure whether it's something I work with, please ask.

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I work in conformity with Canadian Clinical Guidelines on Social
Isolation and Loneliness in Older Adults published by the Canadian Coalition for Seniors' Mental Health. See also my approach and bio

Unfortunately my services are not covered by OHIP. Those that cannot afford to work with me might find something helpful at Resources for low income Ontarians. Also, Woodgreen's services for seniors provides help with finding resources.


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