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Registered psychotherapist Beth Mares works with relationships, family problems, sexuality, depression, intimacy disorder, anxiety disorders, stress, problems at work, and human relations skills such as assertiveness and sensitivity. See

Does depression run in your family?

Tips for avoiding SAD (Seasonal affective disorder,"Christmas blues")

Online therapy for depresion

Living well in old age

Therapy for sexual addiction

Sex therapy

Psychotherapy FAQ

Free therapy for status natives


Beth is also experienced in helping with some more specific issues:

Adult children of alcoholics issues
Control issues
Marital problems
"Addictive personality"
Help for ACoA issues available via online therapy

Secular help for problems relating to religion
Recovery from an abusive or limiting religious childhood
Avoiding family conflict about religion
Recovering from a cult or bad religious experience
Overcoming guilt, shame, rage or indecision
Beth respects your religious beliefs, if any, but she does not personally share them. Available via online therapy.

Mid life—challenges and opportunities
Enjoying “having arrived”
Changes and transitions
Family problems
Coping with health problem, one's own or a family member's

Individual or couple counselling in mid life

After-effects of bullying by a sibling in childhood
Sexual problems
Relationship problems
Lack of confidence
Low or unstable self-esteem
Difficulty with conflict
ack of assertiveness

Problematic fetishes
A fetish that the client is unhappy or concerned about, or that has caused relationship problems. Available via online therapy.

Physical problems causing stress and/or triggered by stress
Insomnia (using CBT-i and other methods as required)
Unwanted weight gain
Change in sex drive

For more on Beth's work, see Dear Beth, an advice column which answers visitors' questions about relationships and psychotherapy.


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