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Beth helps with relationships, parenting, bereavement, separation and divorce, work problems, healthy lifestyle, assertiveness, anger management, stress, sex addiction and other sexual problemsadult children of alcoholics issues and other childhood trauma such as bullying, witnessing violence, bereavement, frequent moves etc., drinking problems, coming out issues, depression, sleep problems, worrying, coping with illness, weight problems, and most other personal and family problems.

Beth regrets that she does not have the resources to work with people who self-harm, are in danger of killing themselves or someone else, or have been addicted to hard drugs or involved with organized crime in recent years. There are also some occupations Beth does not work with, listed in her application form.

How do I get the free counselling?

1. You need a 10-digit status number.

If you don't have it, contact
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
Phone (toll-free): 1-800-567-9604
Fax: 1-866-817-3977
TTY (toll-free): 1-866-553-0554

Unfortunately not all indigenous people can get a status number. There is information about who qualifies at the link below, but it can get complicated and you will probably have to phone or email (see above).

2. Find a private place to work with a high speed internet connection. You can use a computer or your smart phone with wi-fi. Details at how to set up online counselling.

3. Read Beth's application form (or the fillable application form)
to make sure it fits for you. The part about paying for sessions in advance doesn't apply to status Natives of course, but you will need to pay a cancellation fee if you miss a session without 24 hours notice unless you have made a different agreement with Beth by email.

If there is anything you don't understand in the form, ask Beth by email. It lists the issues and occupations Beth does not work with. If everything is OK, email her gmail, beth.toronto. Give her your status number and tell her what times you are usually at work or tied up. She will offer you an appointment by email. She works week days and evenings (but not weekends).

If you need to contact the NIHB, which runs the program, their number is 1-800-881-3921.

4. After the first session you will need to sign two short NIHB forms.

About Beth

Beth is a registered psychotherapist, licensed in Ontario. She has worked in Toronto for thirty years with people with different backgrounds, including indigenous Canadians. She has also provided distance counselling across Canada for the past twenty years.

She is committed to cultural safety, and works in partnership with clients based on their own values and goals. She is aware of the history of genocide of the original peoples of the Americas and the systemic racism and abuse that are still going on in Canada. She is glad she can help a little with repair work and empowerment, but believes that much more is needed.

Confidentiality of mental health services in Ontario

What you tell a therapist or counsellor is generally confidential. However, there are exceptions. For details, see How confidential is my therapy in Ontario?

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