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Personal or couple therapy, depression, anxiety disorders, love addiction, sex addiction, codependency, family problems, ACoA and GLBTQ issues, assertiveness, etc. by Beth Mares RP, a Toronto psychotherapist with 30 years experience licensed by the Ontario government. This service is secular (non-religious) and GLBTQ friendly.

Areas served

City of Kawartha Lakes including Lindsay, Fenelon Falls, Burnt River, Cameron, Bobcaygeon, and Minden, Ontario, as well as the Peterborough area and further East as far as the Ontario border.

Marriage counselling

Beth helps with communication problems, fighting, sexual dissatisfaction, infidelity, jealousy, drinking problems, codependency, sex addictions, family problems and conflict, parenting, cross-cultural relationships, conflict about values, and life transitions.

Personal counselling

Beth counsels individuals about stress, decision-making, relationships, assertiveness, dealing with difficult people, problems at work, coming out issues, anxiety disorders, depression, codependency and other adult children of alcoholics issues, unwanted habits, and internet addiction; also stress-related physical problems such as headaches, insomnia, IBS, and problems with weight.

Sex therapy

Services include individual or couple therapy for low libido, lack of attraction to partner, sexual dysfunctions, mismatch in a couple's sexual preferences, unwanted/obsessive thoughts about sex, unwanted habits, pornography and other sex addictions, and improving sexual harmony between partners.

How online counselling works

Sessions may be scheduled via video, audio or chat using Vsee (like Skype but more secure). For most people it works as well as in the office for individual sessions. It is easier to do couple sessions in an office if a suitable service is available and convenient, but in the smaller centres the choice is limited and online counselling with a suitable therapist is sometimes better.