For individual or couple counselling for relationships that are not long distance, see relationship therapy by video or chat

Long distance relationship counselling online by video

Lovers separated by geography reach their hands towards each other

Beth Mares RP (Ontario licenced) helps with many varieties of relationship and sexual problems, including infidelity and sex addictions, via distance therapy. For those specific to a long distance relationship, see below. For other couple issues, follow the link above.

Beth can provide counselling to people who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, even if living outside Canada, and with people who are currently living in Canada, even if they are not citizens or permanent residents. For legal reasons, both partners have to meet one of those conditions. If only one meets the requirements, that partner could consider working on the relationship in individual therapy.

Long distance relationships 

These may be new relationships or married couples who have had to live apart because of career or immigration issues. The difficulties may include:

inadequate communication

insecurity and jealousy

sexual frustration

sex addiction

despondency, depression, insomnia or anxiety, especially if it is unclear when the separation will end

being attracted to someone close by, and not knowing how to deal with it (or other fidelity issues)

loyalty issues because one partner is growing closer to the family of origin in the absence of husband or wife

adjustment difficulties when the couple gets back together

distress when it doesn't seem to be working; difficulty figuring out whether to end it

Help to figure out how to end the separation.

Counselling may be done either with an individual partner or the couple. Because of technological improvements, video therapy can now include joint sessions. In order to comply with privacy legislation, Beth does videotherapy by Vsee instead of Skype. (Skype sessions go through and can be accessed through the Skype servers.) To find out more about Beth's distance counselling, see Distance relationship counseling via videocam.

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