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Dr. Dianne O'Connor, Ed.D., ABSNP, C.Psych.

What kind of adolescent or child problems worry you? Do you worry about a child with learning or behavioral problems, or social or emotional concerns? Or do you worry about neurological issues in a child? Perhaps the child or adolescent suffers from an acquired brain injury, a learning disability or significant attention problems?

Or do you have concerns about neurodevelopmental risk factors in a child? These might include prenatal exposure to alcohol or drugs or both, or low birth weight and prematurity?

What about attachment issues or parenting problems and concerns?

Do you want to take steps now to help a child or adolescent? Do you want to prevent problems from escalating in a child, and becoming more difficult to address? Or do you want to prevent the inter-generational cycle of mental health or living problems from infecting your child, and continuing unchecked to compromise his/her life as an adult?

You are not alone. Children suffer from a range of childhood issues and concerns, from the relatively benign to more serious concerns. Their parents, and the professionals who work with families and their children, are searching for help to support them. They want to help children move toward healthier outcomes and more positive coping strategies.

Dr. O'Connor, a Toronto psychologist, helps parents, as well as professionals, organizations and community agencies, with a range of childhood issues and concerns. Her services provide increased understanding of child problems and how to help. She helps you promote positive outcomes in children. Take preventative steps now to address adolescent and child problems before they become more deeply ingrained and harder to reverse.

Dr. O'Connor's services include:

Psychological Assessments: Psychological assessments help "get to the root" of child problems, and lead to evidence based solutions to address them. You will learn how well a child is doing, compared to other children his or her age, across a range of developmental domains. This includes the social, emotional and behavioral domains, as well as the cognitive/learning areas.

You will also learn where a child's strengths lie, and where there is cause for concern. A psychological assessment uncovers the nature and extent of adolescent and child problems and how to address them. A psychological assessment also provides the foundation to help move a child towards increased competence and psychological well being.

School Neuropsychological Evaluations: Dr. O'Connor offers School Neuropsychological Evaluations to her clients in Toronto and the surrounding area. School Neuropsychological Evaluation assess a range of neuropsychological issues and concerns. These include Sensory - Motor Functions; Attentional Processes; Visual Spatial Processes; Language Processes; Memory & Learning Processes; Executive Functions and Speed & Efficiency of Cognitive Processing. A School Neuropsychological Evaluation also assesses Cognitive and Academic levels, as well as Social and Emotional functioning.

School neuropsychology integrates neuropsychological and educational principles to assessments and interventions with infants, children and adolescents. The goal is to increase understanding of the nature and extent of any neurological deficits the child exhibits, and to facilitate learning, psychological development and appropriate coping behaviors both at school and at home.

Consultations: Dr. O'Connor offers consultations to parents, professionals and organizations. Whether you are a parent or professional, Dr. O’Connor’s consultations can help you explore your concerns about a child or adolescent, and find strategies to help.

Dr. O'Connor consults around a broad range of childhood and adolescent issues. These include social, emotional, behavioural and learning problems, as well as neuropsychological concerns.


Dr. O’Connor is a licensed psychologist, in Toronto, Ontario, with over two decades of experience working with children and their families. She holds a Diplomate in School Neuropsychology from the American Board of School Neuropsychology. Her areas of practice include clinical psychology, school psychology and counseling.

She is a member of:

· The Canadian Psychological Association

· The Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology

· The International Neuropsychological Society

· The International Association for the Study of Attachment

Dr. O'Connor is also the author of I Can Be Me-A Helping Book for Children of Alcoholic Parents. Click on the following link to learn more about this book and how to purchase –

Dr. O'Connor can be reached at 416-592-0838

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