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Rehabilitation specialist--brain injury, dance injury

Rehabilitation physiotherapist Marika Schwandt

by Toronto physiotherapist Marika Schwandt MSc

Marika Schwandt works with traumatic brain injury, stroke, MS, urinary incontinence, sports injuries, dance injuries, and exercise to overcome depression.


My name is Marika Schwandt. I have a BSc in physiotherapy and an MSc in rehabilitation science, and advanced post-graduate training in neurological rehabilitation. After several years of working in the public and private health care systems, I started a small independent practice to treat people in my community. I have been practicing since 2003, and have worked since 2006 as an instructor in the physiotherapy program at the University of Toronto. I am also an actor, dancer, and hardcore gym rat.


Physiotherapy helps manage and prevent problems caused by illness, disease, injury, aging, and inactivity. After assessing you, I will use manual therapy, exercise (assisted and/or independent), and activity modification to treat your problem and manage your pain. I have advanced post-graduate training in the treatment of neurological conditions (stroke, MS, brain injury) and urinary incontinence (pre- and post-natal, age- and stress-related). I am also skilled in the assessment and treatment of repetitive strain injuries (musicians, work-related), and dance and sports injuries. I also provide intensive and specialized personal training; I can create a program designed to meet your physique or health-related goals, and coach you to get there quickly. Exercise prescription is my specialty - I am prepared to crack the (restorative, therapeutic) whip! I also believe that exercise should be fun, and will help you to foster this attitude.


My schedule is flexible. Appointments can be arranged Monday through Friday, daytime or evening.

All neurological appointments are 1 hour. Orthopedic appointments are 1 hour for initial assessment/treatment, and 30 minutes to one hour for follow-up. Personal training coaching sessions vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


In my west end home (short flight of stairs at the door), in your home, or at your fitness centre.


Call me: 416-835-9575

Email me:


We all get broken sometimes. Repairing and maintaining your body is always a wise investment - let me work with you to put your body in an ideal state for healing.

Rates: (Note: These are the 2009 rates.)

Neurological appointments: $90

Orthopedic: initial assessment & treatment $80; follow-up $45-$80 depending on session length

Personal training: program design and coaching session $80; follow-up coaching session $40

Travel (for home visits): $30/hour

You will be provided with an official receipt to submit with your insurance and/or income tax claims. Physiotherapy (and personal training provided by a registered physiotherapist) is covered by most workplace, student, or private insurance plans, and is fully tax-deductible.


We all get broken sometimes. Repairing and maintaining your body is always a wise investment - let me work with you to put your body in an ideal state for healing.

Marika Schwandt

Marika's article: Evaluating exercise for depression in brain injured patients

Copyright © 2009 Marika Schwandt

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